Crespaia takes its name from the energy of the rippling waves of the sea that unite with that of the farmyard (aia), since ever a place of encounters and exchange..

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Our Terrior

Suspended between earth and sea

In this name, in this hazy image, we can make out a winery in ferment, an open place, born to pursue quality in all its facets, welcoming and benefitting from the areas rich heritage.

Crespaia is located in Località Prelato, the settlement of the Lord who once guarded the land.

It is located 3 km from the sea at an altitude of 150 m; this proximity to the Adriatic Sea gives the wines unique characters that emerge on the nose and palate.

The vines face from South to North; the exposure is tempered by the gentle sea winds that, through the hilly inlets, refresh the vines and envelop them.

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Here appears Fano, our city, center of Roman foundation, Fanum Forntunae, where the Metauro river flows, which gives its name to our valley where the Bianchello del Metauro grows.

It was the scene of the historic Battle of Metauro between the Romans and Carthaginians which took place around 207 BC, described by the historian Tacitus.

It is said, in fact, that the evening before the battle the Carthaginians raised their elbow a little with a certain “nectar” (it is thought he was talking about the Bianchello!) And that this helped the Romans to win the following day.