Crespaia takes its name from the energy of the rippling waves of the sea that unite with that of the farmyard (aia), since ever a place of encounters and exchange..

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The winery


Crespaia tells of the special union between the sea, which refreshes us with its “crepe" (crespa) wave, and the “barnyard” (aia), a peasant meeting place, which envelops us like a hug.

This is Crespaia: an attentive reality, which treasures the territory and tradition. It was born in 2011 on the slopes of the ancient Prelato, among the olive trees and the rolling hills that surround Fano.

The Marche region is a wonderful land, heterogeneous and rich in flavors, colors and smells.

We cultivate two native Marche vines: Bianchello del Metauro and Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese, unique gems of our territory.

We love our land, we love our work.

We believe in quality and respect for the environment: we are an organic company that accompanies the natural winemaking process.

We await you in an informal and welcoming environment, with a nice glass of wine ready to be tasted.


Rossano Sgammini
Cecilia Sgammini
Marketing e vendite
Shayle Lambie-Shaw
Winery manager
Andrea Pompili