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Are you looking for a quality organic wine?

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Our mission: to make you discover the Marche Region.

Crespaia: sospesa tra terra e mare. Vediamo la vista direzione Sud-Nord di Crespaia. L'ambiente collinare circonda la tenuta, immersa nei vigneti. Al centro cediamo l'antica chiesa del Prelato, costruzione del XVIII secolo.

Crespaia tells the territory

We are an organic farm from Fano.

We cultivate two native Marche vines: Bianchello del Metauro and Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese , unique gems of our territory.

Our history


What does Crespaia mean?

Crespaia is a fantasy name.

It is an image that encompasses the essence of our territory and of our winery: it speaks of the encounter between the "Crespa" of the wave, which refreshes us, and the farmer's "Aia", which welcomes and embraces us.

Why the screw cap?

We have always used the screw cap.

This choice is guided by simple reasons:

1. Quality: with the screw cap, in fact, the product is not affected from the outside and is kept in its best shape.

2. Technique: micro-oxygenation allows the wine to age while maintaining its organoleptic characteristics, enhancing them.

 3. Awareness: the screw cap ensures conscious consumption of wine: it can be closed and stored for longer.

Our wines are fresh, gentle, mineral: the screw cap is our best ally to respect and enhance them.

Why do you harvest by hand?

Crespaia has one objective above all: quality.

Thanks to the harvest by hand we can:

1. Respect nature, not using invasive and aggressive harvesting methods.

2. Choose only the best grapes, precisely because at the time of harvesting the bunches are picked by hand.

3. Processing, harvesting by hand in small buckets, the bunch is not crushed and maintains its integrity until the time of pressing.

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